A feature by Elliot Burns


Simon Willis - Simeon Walsh

The main protagonist, Simon Willis is an immensely popular teenager who finds himself immersed in the dark world of drugs and crime. 

Jimmy Holden - Ellis Domenger-Boyce

The main antagonist, Jimmy is the drug dealer responsible for the problems to Simon, as he tries to turn Simon against his lifelong friend, Peter Nicholson.

Peter Nicholson - Elliot Burns

Secondary protagonist, and best friend of Simon Willis, he is obsessed with starting his own newspaper, something which has grave consequences when he exposes the underhand dealings of Simon and Jimmy.

David Turnbull - Rhys Owen-Conway

Simon's other best friend, he and Peter remain at loggerheads as he tries to pull Simon into his world of drugs, and Peter tries to resist, leading to Simon making a difficult, nd ultimately dangerous choice between the two. 

Richard - Seb Pettitt 

Jimmy's henchman, used as a ploy by Jimmy to test out the strength of character of his new recruits into his criminal world.

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